Kelsey Fink

Kelsey Fink


Back Squat 253#, Bench 171#, Deadlift 336#, Annie 7:12, 170# Stone to Chest, Butterfly Pull-ups


CrossFit Level 1 certification, Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Planning on getting USPA powerlifting coach certification summer 2019

About Coach

Growing up I was always an athlete, sometimes juggling multiple sports at once. I did mostly team sports and a couple of individual sports, eventually focusing on being a field hockey goalkeeper at Nazareth college. Throughout the end of high school and college, I was constantly rehabbing injuries and surgeries and found myself constantly in the weight room. After school, I was happy to find CrossFit to not only return to a weight room but also return to a community and team-like environment I was craving. As a physical therapist I love watching people move, and after talking to one of my past coaches decided to go for my CF-L1 certification. I figured I’d be able to better understand CrossFit for myself and for any athletes I treated in the office. Soon after my husband and I moved to a new state where I found my home at CrossFit Intense as the head coach and opened up Muscle Up Physical Therapy. I was living the dream- helping active people recover and move well both in and out of the gym. While there I was introduced to the strength sports of powerlifting, strongman, and bodybuilding and have used all those learned concepts in both coaching and physical therapy.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

I love coaching because it allows me to feel like a part of a community. Being able to teach someone and seeing that “ah-ha!” moment, or that look of “I CAN do this” has been one of the more rewarding parts of coaching. Some of my favorite coaching situations include: Having someone practice an old movement they have done a million times, but then giving them a new cue that makes them move even better; Seeing someone on the brink of giving up because they can’t do the written work out, but teaching them modifications they can do while still feeling accomplished; Helping someone progress from a modification to a more difficult modification or the movement itself and setting a PR; Seeing a “first” - first pull up, first push up off the box, first kick up to handstand- all are amazing!

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