Chris Mandrino

Chris Mandrino

Head Coach, Owner


Crossfit Level 2 Trainer, Crossfit Weightlift and Gymnastics Certified, Crossfit Kids Certified, Aerobic Capacity Ambassador

About Coach

I’m a Canandaigua native who is originally an Aquatic Biologist. I found my true passion for fitness after battling with my weight through my childhood, even though I played sports year-round through college. I played premier soccer throughout my teenage years (365 days a year!). I was also a competitive swimmer, swimming the dreaded stroke, butterfly. In my senior year of college, I made the decision to change my lifestyle and dropped over 30 pounds, I became a student of health and wellness and started to create a healthy relationship with food. Fast forward 11 years I finally was able to open my own facility to help people improve their health. My passion is to help people get out of pain. I personally have had 3 major surgeries on my left shoulder and wrist and have dealt with years of physical therapy and pain. Once I found the remedy to my issues I felt compelled to help as many people as possible not be in similar pain. Perform Athletix was my dream for many years and I feel so fortunate that it has come to fruition.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

My philosophy towards coaching is being coachable and motivating myself. A good coach is open-minded, humble, willing to work, and also willing to sacrifice. A good coach and a good leader is confident in his/her trade but also knowing there is always something to be learned and improved. I believe a good coach should be a servant to his/her group and a good coach understands that a team is being built of various strengths and weaknesses. A great coach knows how to give credit to his/her team when credit is due, it's about the team, not about me. In the end, all of this is more important than having a talent for your craft.

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